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Very Gentle and Good for the Skin

This is easily my favourite Second Step Cleanser, it's so gentle and leaves my skin feeling super soft. If you wear makeup I'd definitely make sure your first cleanser takes off most of your makeup just due to the fact the foaming nature of this cleanser makes it a bit harder for it to remove stubborn makeup but if you wear minimal makeup or your Oil Based Cleanser does most of the work of removing make up then I'd definitely recommend this product.

No transfer eye liner!

I've been eyeing up this product for some time as I do have deep set eyes and other eye liners seem to transfer to my upper lids constantly! I have never found a product with the ability to resist my upper lids, until now! This eye liner is amazing, it honestly stays all day and I can get a super thin line, or a super sharp wing as the tip is very thin. I can see that this would be great for those that love graphic liners too as it really allows you to be incredibly precise. The black is a little softer that some other blacks I have used, but it isn't as stark and looks great. Applied smoothly and didn't drag across my lids. Really hoping this never leaves the LikeSkin line-up as this is my new go-to for eye liners!

Cool toned tint, long lasting.

After using this product a few times and in a few different ways it has become a firm favourite! This tint goes on effortlessly and dries down so that you don't feel anything, much lighter than a liquid lipstick for example. Three ways that I find work the best: Using it directly with the doe-foot applicator all over the lips with even coverage (this is very high impact and great for a night out, or when the rest of your make-up is done very naturally so that the lips become the 'centre piece'), alternatively this can be dried down into a matte gradient lip by using a cotton bud to dab the tint into the centre of the lips and then gently blending using the fingers (this is a very soft look and seen a lot on k-pop stars if you're looking for that), lastly if I want a soft glossy look I use my finger to dab lightly at the lips so that it is more muted than straight from the bottle, then I top it off with a high gloss lip gloss (my favourite being the ROM&ND Glasting Water Gloss).

Overall a very long lasting and versatile lip product! Just note that if you need to remove this before it has time to fade, you're probably going to need a cleansing oil or balm!

Useful Product

I have been using the BHA Blackhead Power Liquid over a few weeks now. As with all acids it's best to slowly introduce them into your routine to avoid skin reactions. I've been using 2-3 times a week as I find that anymore than that and the areas which I spot treat are a bit drier than usual. I find that after using this product I have seen a reduction in blackheads which is great! Although we should be using suncream facially every day, it is especially important when using acids as they are a skin sensitizer! LikeSkin stock some great ones, so please pair with them!

Its very moisturising and it doesn’t have a strong scent, which for me personally im happy about. It works great with my dry sensitive skin.


Really love the product! This is my third time ordering the acne patches but I am a little disappointed in the postage cost baring in mind that the product isn’t big or heavy. The postage costs more than one acne patch packet😳

Love this

Been using this for a few weeks now and i really see a difference definitely recommend 🥰🤩


I use this as a mask but also to touch up during the day since my lips are always really dry. I’ve gotten compliments about how hydrated my lips look which is so unusual considering I suffer from the driest of lips. All thanks to this product, tho! It’s a must have and will definitely buy again c

Best powder I have used!

As someone who is extremely oily and never been able to find a product that helps mask that during the day, this has to be the best powder I have used. Looks fine to use over other powders, doesn’t cake and is super lightweight. So handy to take in your handbag and touch up easily when you’re out. Honestly, a god send! X

The best sunscreen!!

I bought this product along with a few others (the SOMEBYMI toner and IUNIK Propolis serum) a few months ago (around June/July time)… and wow wow wow it came to shock me how many compliments I received. For example my skin is very ‘glowy’, ‘dewy’ and ‘clean-looking’ after using these products and I personally think the sunscreen is what gives my skin that glow! It also serves for multiple purposes whilst sitting on the top layer of your skin: it contains great ingredients such as niacinamide, which has benefits such as treating hyperpigmentation and minimising pores… which I suppose has been evident on my skin after all this time!! Therefore I totally recommend that you buy this asap if you’re thinking about it… you won’t regret it!

Best nude tint for brown skin

I love this tint! At first I wasn’t sure because it’s so pigmented I thought it’d be a chalky mess but it dries sheer and leaves a pretty caramel tint on the lips without masking my lips natural lining. It’s smooth and matte but never dry/chapped looking. I use it literally every day I’m so happy I gave it a go.


Already after step 1, I could see a difference I unfortunately only bought one as I was on a budget but will definitely buy more.


I suffer with bags under my eyes and have seen a visible improvement after a couple of weeks


It works so well to take off my makeup, the balm turns into an oil super quick and I love it a lot. I had the smaller one before so now I got the bigger version.


Skin feels so smooth, soft and hydrated after using it! It’s now part of my daily nighttime skincare routine.

Good serum

I have used vitamin C serums for a while and I don’t notice much difference between them. This goes onto the skin nicely and absorbs easily and it does not pull under makeup or other skincare products.

Best cleansing oil I’ve ever used

Incredible ingredients and a really nice, smooth cleansing oil. This melts makeup away easily and is perfect for massaging deep into the skin.


This toner is brilliant and gentle on the skin - with AHA and BHA toners before I had never noticed a real difference but this one is great, it has a nice range of ingredients and is even better than the Paula’s Choice BHA toner.


I've been really into propolis/honey in my skincare and this serum is stunning! It leaves my skin so glowy and hydrated without the sticky texture. Love it!

These are my go to spot patches, honestly recommend to anyone with acne!

great value for money

really recommend

Loved all of the products in the set, didn't break me out a single bit and actually calmed some redness and irritation that I had on my face. I'm always up for trying a selection of new products and this hasn't disappointed me one bit. I'm even considering buying some of the full size versions of a couple of the products because I liked them that much.

This product is literally my holy grail it keeps my skin hydrated and does not disrupt my skin etc

its really good for the skin:)👍🏻👍🏻🥰

Works great on acne prone skin!

I've experienced some pretty bad cystic acne, and this face wash has worked so well in combination with some medication I take! It's not too drying and doesn't make my sensitive skin react negatively, so it's become a staple in my daily routine.