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Soooooo Gooooddd!!!!

Ultimate product for repairing your skin barrier,
Works great for oily skin! Couldn’t recommend more! Making sure to apply a thick moisturiser afterwards and your skin will glow!!

Great Serum

I’m quite new to skincare such as serums but kept seeing recommendations for this and I have been using it for more than 2 weeks (both day and night). I found it to be lightweight but calming and it has helped with my acne quite a bit!

My Mother Wants To Steal It

You honestly might as well buy two of them because the people in your life will try and take it off you. Doesn’t budge under my mask and looks so natural. I’m 21 but my mother is 60s and it’s great on her skin too! :)


An amazing (perhaps even better than?) dupe for the glamglow hydroburst moisturiser I’ve been using for years. My skin hasn’t been this soft since I was 14, and I am an active drinker/smoker!


I used this after using a regular toner as a sort of double tone and it has worked wonders for my skin. I used to be unable to wear foundations without it peeling into tiny pieces but now by using this (and its cream version) I have the perfect base for makeup and it has helped my self esteem MASSIVELY :)

Just oil but nice

I like this item, it makes my lashes feel soft but I don’t feel like it’s doing anything special. I haven’t noticed a difference in length/thickness. I’ve been using it twice a day for 2 weeks.

Dry skin saviour

Tell me why I patch tested this (like I did with everything I bought) and one spot on my cheek is so so soft and plump😭. I’ve never been so excited to do my skincare.


Tried them for my curtain bangs and they gave such a cute little curl. Very comfortable to wear while sleeping as well. Would go for the larger option next time though coz I have quite thick hair x


As an army, I saw BTS using the mask in in the soop so when I found out likeskin has it I HAD to get it. I immediately fell in love with how good and accurately this mask covers my face, I was so surprised! Also results? Even though it’s a mud mask it made my face feel so smooth and look so lovely. Definitely going to buy again, 100% recommend (i have acne prone skin) x

I got this because I didn’t want to dye my hair completely. I just wanted to try something and have a little change. I have really dark brown hair. So I left it on for a bit long than usual. It’s really nice the first day there isn’t much difference but few days later you can see a different. It’s more of a redddish undertone than cool. Would buy it if you aren’t fully committed to dying your hair


It comes with great packaging. Just started using it but I do recommend.

Love them!

These masks are a game changer! I love the way they're shaped so they standoff your face a little whilst still being tight around the edges. I did have to double loop around my face as it's smaller but they still fit just fine! Also, the freebies were great for my skin, thank you so much!

Nice coverage

Very natural and nice that you can build it. It's my perfect shade and I'll definitely be getting this again!

Very natural

This is my first time using a water based blush and it's very natural and dewy! And the colour is just super pretty I love it!

Soo good

I’ve been using this serum for a while and it has helped fade so many of my scared and gives a glowy look without making your skin look oily!!


This is just so perfect as it literally wipes everything away with ease and no mess!! Very happy


This serum is now a staple in routine. I was very worried about trying it because I hate steering away from my routine but I don’t think I’ll ever stop repurchasing it.

So far it’s helped with overall texture, my skin doesn’t look dull, it looks plump and refreshed. Really happy with this!



So pretty!

I bought it as a gift so this is perfect! My sister loves it, very good quality too!

Very happy

Very happy with the product, just recently started using so I hope it works out for me!! :)

Great present!

I loved the mystery box!, there were items I wouldn't have normally bought myself, but I tried them and I've fell in love so I'll be adding them to my routine from now on, I was surprised how many items there were and the quality of them are amazing. I would definitely buy this again if this comes available again!

Such a nice moisturiser

Could not be happier about this moisturiser it helps with my redness so much

so hydrating!!

I don't usually give in to hyped up products since my skin is super sensitive and hates anything new, however after stumbling upon likeskin's tiktok and watching their recommendations I thought I'd give it a try. It's only been a few days but I do already notice a slight difference in my skin, so soft and hydrated! definitely recommend this website and this product, shipped out fast and buying is so easy :) 10/10

My first Rom&nd lipstick

Have been using this lip tint for a few months. It’s a lovely colour which is not too bright or dark, I wear it at work or going out for some casual occasions. The texture is very smooth and doesn’t dry my lips. Although it doesn’t stay on my lips when I have food, it can be easily removed with makeup remover, which is good :)


Recently purchased this moisturiser and I absolutely love it!! I have combination skin and have tried many different moisturisers, but they will usually break me out. This one, however, hasn’t at all!! It’s very lightweight and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. It is very moisturising!! I also find the scent very subtle!! Would definitely recommend!!